About Memphis School Guide

Many parents in our community consider all types of schools before making a decision, but until now, there has not been a single place to learn about all of the options and how to navigate them. We decided it shouldn’t be more difficult to find good information for choosing schools than it is for purchasing a toaster!

We all love our kids and want the best for them. And just by doing a little bit of research and legwork, we can be more confident that we’re making the right choices for our children and families. Parents who are satisfied with their school choice are more likely to be involved in their children’s education, which is one of the best predictors of student success!


Everyone deserves to have good info when making this important decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Memphis School Guide was created by parents, for parents. The guide is now being run by Memphis Education Fund, a nonprofit with a mission of supporting successful public schools of all models. For more information visit the Memphis Education Fund website.

We’re parents who have been through the complicated process of choosing a school ourselves. We saw a need for a resource that not only put all the options in one place, but also provided some help in making sense of them all.

There are also a few things we’re not. We’re not associated with any school district or school membership organization, so you can rest assured that we’re not pushing any one school type. We’re not education experts, and we don’t have a magic formula for picking the perfect school.

But we have learned through experience, and we are willing to ask a lot of questions and share the answers we find with you!

Note: Student academic data comes from the TN Department of Education, while additional information is shared directly from the schools.

Like it says down there at the bottom, this site was created by parents who love Memphis, for parents who love Memphis. And we can always use some help!

Spread the word
Tell other families you know – everyone deserves to have good info when making this important decision.

Add reviews
If you have recent experience with a school, add a review to its profile page. You can share the good and the bad, but please keep the tone constructive.

Help us verify school information
With over 375 schools on the site, keeping things current takes a lot of time. Let us know if you see something inaccurate, or can fill in missing info.

Volunteer your expertise – Do you know a lot about a subject we don’t cover (or don’t cover adequately) here? Let us know! Other parents will certainly benefit from your knowledge.

In order to make school reviews as helpful as possible for families choosing schools, please respect these guidelines:

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but please make sure your comments are free of any personal attacks or hostility.
  • Reviews should only be made by individuals who have recent, personal experience with a school.
  • School staff can submit reviews, but they should identify themselves as such.
  • If we believe that these guidelines have been violated, the comment will be removed.

Led by national education experts, MEF convenes educational partners and helps them coalesce around the highest priorities for improvement. MEF supports successful public schools of all kinds with a focus on outcomes, not on particular models. The strength of our work is in the partnerships and relationships we build with leaders, educators and innovators in Memphis.