The Scoop on East High’s New T-STEM Optional Program

Starting in Fall 2017, incoming East High students will be enrolled in the Transportation-STEM (T-STEM) Optional program, a joint effort between Shelby County Schools, the University of Memphis, and numerous community partners to prepare a new generation for work in a rapidly-growing sector.  On Wednesday, January 18, SCS hosted an Open House to showcase the new program.  School and program representatives in the areas of Engineering, Transportation, and Aviation were present to engage with parents and potential students and provide information on the opportunities available through the new program.  T-STEM students will have opportunities and obligations for project-based learning, college credit, and certifications in addition to rigorous study of core subjects.

For more information on what the program has to offer, check out East’s Optional flyer and the SCS Optional Handbook for 2017-18.

As the season for choosing an Optional program gears up, parents may be wondering if there will be space available if their child is interested in the new program of study.  At the Open House, Instructional Leadership Director Brett Lawson reassured session participants that there will be enough space for interested students.  Currently, SCS is recruiting a legacy cohort of 125 9th graders, but, Lawson said, “if 300 apply and are qualified, no problem.”  He continued, “Don’t go get in the line if this is the one program for you.  If you qualify, there will be space for you.”

If you’re interested in what the new T-STEM program at East has to offer but you missed the Open House, the Division of Optional Schools and Advanced Academics (901.416.5338) plans to host other opportunities for parents, including meet-and-greet sessions with staff, and welcomes calls from interested parents for more information.  Memphis School Guide also has resources for choosing an optional program.

For more details, check out this article in the Memphis Daily News!