XQBusTourinMemphisChances are, if you walked into most high schools today, what you would find would feel pretty similar to what you, your parents, and even your grandparents experienced….isolated classes, a bell-driven schedule and students working out of static textbooks. Meanwhile, the world around schools is screaming into the future and students graduating into that world will be expected to know how to use (and create!) technology, work on complex problems with diverse teams, and manage their time in much more fluid working environments.

Which begs the question…is it time to rethink high school?

XQ America thinks it is. Last year they launched a national contest — the XQ Super School Project — to design the high school of the future. More than 700 teams from throughout the country submitted designs and five winning teams will get $10 million each to bring their ideas to life.* And now XQ is traveling the country on the XQ Super School Bus Tour to get ideas from people just like you about how we can create high schools that will better prepare our youth for the lives that await them.

Next week the bus will spend three days at the National Civil Rights Museum and they need to hear from Memphians about what’s working, what’s not and how we can take Memphis high schools into the future. Sign up to receive more details and then come out and tell XQ what you think!

*Full disclosure: I am a member of the Memphis XQ team that submitted an application for the future Crosstown High. We’re still in the running for one of the big prizes and will find out in August if Crosstown will be a Super School!