SCS registration…it’s a snap!

Do you like long lines? Writing out your address 37 times? Yes? Well, then I hate to tell you, but the annual ritual that has been the Shelby County Schools registration process has come to a close. (You could maybe try the DMV for a similar experience?) Long a dreaded day at the end of summer, for many Shelby County … Read More

Your Kid vs. Errrbody (A Parent’s Take on Testing)

Many of us have been there — sitting in the bleachers of an overheated church gym, watching our kid’s basketball team get demolished by a bigger, faster, and, well, better team. What happened? Our kids practiced hard, looked pretty good in the intra-squad scrimmage, and actually showed up on time (and in the right uniforms!) for today’s game. Now, however, disaster … Read More

School Spotlight: Grizzlies Prep

Dale and Heather Stephens of Raleigh are the proud parents of four beautiful kids — preschooler Halana, London, who’s in 3rd grade at STAR Academy, and sons Skylan (8th grade) and Joyner (6th grade). When it came time to choose a middle school for their two sons, the couple went looking for a small school, intimate classroom settings, and strong … Read More

Three Schools, Three Families, One Hope

One of the things we hope to do through Memphis School Guide is to introduce you to schools you may not know much about, and some of the parents who have chosen them. While there are more than 370 schools on the site, realistically, most of us only consider a small handful of them (if that) when making a decision … Read More

Memphis School Guide: The Origin Story

Okay, first things first…I know (because I just Googled it) that the term “origin story” has links to superheroes and supervillains, and I don’t consider myself to be either one, (though my family may disagree on my better or worse days). But I think it’s a fair question to ask how and why I came to create this site, as … Read More