School Spotlight: Maria Montessori School

Wendy Trenthem’s family goes way back with Mud Island’s Maria Montessori School — fourteen years to be exact. Wendy was the school’s librarian for ten years, from 2002-2012, while her older two children, Phillip and James were in school there. The boys have moved on to White Station High School, and she and her husband now both work at Rhodes … Read More

The Optional Lineup Begins

In spite of the rain and near-freezing temps, about 50 parents have already secured their places in a line in front of the Shelby County Schools district office in hopes of getting a seat in their desired Optional School in the fall. Parents in line will get the first numbered applications when they’re handed out on Monday, Jan. 25, at 6:30 a.m. At this … Read More

Take a Fresh Look at Frayser Schools!

Frayser is one of my new favorite places in Memphis. I’ve had the good fortune to spend the last few months working with a great team of Frayser residents on something I’m very excited about…the first (hopefully annual) Frayser Neighborhood School Fair! Aside from having some of the most interesting terrain in Shelby County (the hills!), and some of the nicest and … Read More

‘Tis the season!

Hard to believe it’s already that time of year again…school choosing season! What, you thought I was going to say the holidays? In fact, the two seasons may have more in common than you think (other than the fact that both now start well before Thanksgiving). Lots of options. Questions about what what’s right for your child. Confusion about how … Read More

School Spotlight: Delano Optional School is a prize!

In Nashville tonight, State Collaborative on Reforming Education will be honoring nine Tennessee schools that are leading the way in student learning. Among the nominees are two local standouts — The Soulsville Charter School and Delano Optional School. Memphis School Guide offers our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to people at both schools for their hard work on behalf of Memphis … Read More

Raising Kids Who Read

This guest post was written by James Aycock, who is leading a 4-week workshop on the book, Raising Kids Who Read. *The workshop begins this Wednesday evening. See below for more details. As parents, we all know that reading is important, but many of us lack an understanding of how to approach early reading, how the demands of reading change … Read More

How to Improve Your School

My dad (the distinguished fellow on the back right) has been on the school board in my Kentucky hometown for more than 30 years. My mom started the Murray Elementary chess club and successfully fought for language instruction in early grades. So, you could say that education advocacy is in my blood. To me, it has always been perfectly natural … Read More

School Spotlight: The Soulsville Charter School is a hit!

Sharonda Walker, and her daughter, Zakiyah, who is a junior at The Soulsville Charter School in South Memphis. Zakiyah is currently taking five AP courses at the school. Sharonda and Larry Walker’s oldest son, Akeem (now 21), was a member of The Soulsville Charter School’s inaugural class in 2005. These days, three of their other children, Nzingah (a senior), Zakiyah (a … Read More

Are your kids getting the recess they need?

That’s me up there — short, brown hair, standing next to the dapper gentleman with glasses in the suit coat (that’s my better half). And that magnificent scene behind us? That’s the Peabody Elementary School playground. I don’t mean to brag, but I helped build it with my own two hands! And I can barely change a lightbulb. Before we … Read More

School Spotlight: Campus School

While most kids are still holding on to these last few precious days of summer break, Leslie and Brett Norman’s daughter, Clara, has already been back in class for two weeks at Campus School. The school, which is located on the University of Memphis campus, has a unique admissions model, in that kids of U of M faculty and staff … Read More